One of the establisher of electronic music scene in Slovakia. DJ since 1994 and producer since 1998. Mainly influenced by US and UK techno. Broadcasted four own radio shows – Clublab voted as No.1 in the year 2000 in SK and CZ also. Prepared the first internet TV show about electronic music in Slovakia. Worked at Mekka Records andRecords record stores. Managed 13 residencies in clubs (Slovakia’s best U.Club involved) and four duo DJ projects. Supported over 80 well known international DJs. Compiled and mixed two CD compilations. Played in Russia, UK, France, Spain, Thailand, Cambodia, Iceland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Produced a few techno tracks, some old funk remixes and deep house tunes. In present coproduces music with Biomin H and runs residencies in Subclub and Nu Spirit Bar. Nowadays playing precision and long mixes from deep house, through tech-house to techno. He joined honoured slovak Seta Label as A&R manager and ambassador in march 2016. 



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