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Seta Label was founded in 2008 Slovak DJs and producers named Funkatron. Initially, the label was mainly focused on techno and minimal.



After Chris Florio and Keče (Sensoreal) took over the leadership in 2010, the label has been gradually transformed into its present form and deep house and tech house started to play the leading role. Nevertheless, also other subgenres of electronic club music can be occasionally heard among the releases. Apart from the musical genre the tracks signed to Seta label are mostly deep, groovy, organic and/or emotional pieces produced by artists coming from different parts of the world.

after 2011


During the years between 2011 and 2012 gradually the other members joined the crew: Martin Greenland (Sensoreal), Martin Klimo (Sensoreal) and Mario Michna (Wychytawacs / Housemusic.sk)

later 2012


Furthermore, knowledge has been pooled and two studios (Prophecy and Tatraground) have been merged, what resulted in a huge quality improvement in music production, professional mixing, mastering and recording.



In 2015, the another member boarded the team – Tomin Tomovic, who also took over the management, A&R and distribution/publishing functions.



After Chris Florio and Mario Michna left the label, the last member came on board – Peter Benkovic a.k.a Dj Benco – who is one of the founders of the Slovak electronic club music scene.



Currently Seta Label has more than 150 strong releases (albums, EPs and singles) from more than 400 artists from all over the word, among which also well-known, internationally recognized names can be found, such as Kolombo, Luigi Rocca, Mihai Popoviciu, Dapayk, Jay Tripwire, Harold Heath, Karol XVII & MB Valence, Evren Ulusoy, Dale Howard, Fer Ferrari, Sabb, Rishi K, Peter Makto & Gregory S, Sensoreal, Moti Brothers/Indigo Theory and many more.



Tomin Tomovic

A&R, manager, producer, dj

Young blood of the crew – he actively contributes to the label from 2014 not only with his music. A&R of our label, responsible for the release plan and all kind of communication regarding the label.
After his graduation of the University of Economics in Prague he is fully engaged with electronic music and acts as a dj and later as a respected music producer. His preferred style is deep house, but you can find elements of techno and progressive in his music.
Except of SETA label, he has releases on such well-known labels as Traum, Mistique Music or Bonzai.



Sound engineer, producer, dj

The most exprienced guy of the SETA team. 20 years behind the mix and 10 years of active music production makes him a real professional and many people consider him as one of the founders and pillars of the Slovak electronic underground scene. If you have any questions regarding mixing or mastering, he is your man.
He is the founder and member of the deep house group called Sensoreal (together with Chris, Martin Greenland and Klimo), which is one of the most successful project of the Slovak underground scene. Sensoreal’s music appeared also on such big labels as Traum, Treibstoff,Stil vor Talent, Soma, etc.


Martin Greenland

Sound engineer, producer, dj, designer

Our technically most skilled member. There is no wonder as he graduated The Technical University of Košice. After he finished the school, he joined Keèe and actively manages their magnificent studio in Poprad. He founded the project called Martin Greenland, which was focused on the production of quality deep house music.
Martin later joined the Sensoreal crew as well and beside his producing/composing activity he is djing all over Slovakia. He also helps out with the cover design, youtube promotion and with some other special/ad hoc activities.


Martin Klimo

dj, designer, webmaster, publisher, producer

Besides his wide dj experience he is our well respected IT guy. In 2013 he joined the Sensoreal crew as the fourth member and moves the team’s dj performance to a higher quality level. His precise mixing and good music selection makes him an extraordinary dj for more than 20 years.
Under his duties belong many activities around the label such designing of our web, remixes and release covers.