Here is the fourth Seta label podcast and the first one by our label friends, producers  & remixers from Slovakia. This one is from DJ Tlama aka JTBIG, a member of Biomin H group, who released some EPs and tracks on Seta and often collaborates with the label’s ambassador DJ Benco.

Track list

  1. Disco Channel – Eyes In Eyes (Original Mix)
  2. Cane Garden Quartet – Shine A Light On Me feat. Riquo (Original Mix)
  3. Bas Roos & Chris Stussy – Get Him Up (Dub Mix)
  4. Gorge – Maleika (Original Mix)
  5. Meeels – Comfort Zone (Limyth Remix)
  6. Sean Jay Dee & Ranno Vollman – Road Of Rhodes (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)
  7. Fer Ferrari – Burning Fast (Original Mix)
  8. Paul Ursin – Rejoice (Original Mix)
  9. Carlo – Mr. Brown (Elef Remix)
  10. Robert Owens & Monika Kruse – One Lowe (Nick Curly Remix)
  11. James Organ – Be Yourself (Original Mix)
  12. Biomin H, D. Boyle and Drahosh – Feel Good (Original Mix)
  13. Benno Blome – Abotha (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)
  14. Protyv – Nar (Original Mix)
  15. Joeski – It’s All The Same (Joeski’s Underground Remix)
  16. Martin Landsky – Echo In My Head (Original Mix)